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The business of language translation is often a thorny one. Here are 15 fun-filled examples of times when Hollywood titles got lost in the shuffle.

The War of the Stars
While this is the literal French translation for Star Wars, it doesn’t have quite the same snappy relevance that made George Lucas’s film so iconic.

Knight of the Night
This Spanish translation of The Dark Knight would certainly lead to a lot of head-scratching here in the States.

Super Power Dare Die Team
No, this isn’t a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie — it’s what Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake (released in 2016) would have been called in China.

A Very Powerful Whale Runs to Heaven
At first glance, this translation looks like it could have been for 2003’s Whale Rider,. Wrong — it’s the Chinese interpretation of Free Willy.

Die Hard: Mega Hard
Unlike the original, Die Hard With a Vengeance, this Danish take on the Bruce Willis sequel seems sadly redundant.

Memo to Argentina: Name-brand recognition is not always best, especially when promoting Grease.

He’s a Ghost!
Way to put up a spoiler alert for The Sixth Sense, China.

A Twin Seldom Comes Alone
This sounds like a good intro for a spooky horror flick — not The Parent Trap. However, that’s what the 1998 remake was called in its German release.

The Teeth of the Sea
Unlike the simple, powerful Jaws, this French translation loses a great deal of its snap.

Mom, I Missed the Plane
Here’s another example of the same, also from France: Home Alone provides a much zippier account.

Dimwit Surges Forth
Adam Sandler couldn’t have been too happy about Thailand’s promotion for The Waterboy.

Big Liar
But that’s nothing to the way Nixon would have felt, had he lived to see China’s translation of the Anthony Hopkins-starring biopic.

Fantastic Emotional Turmoil
Taiwan should win some sort of award for so succinctly summing up the plot of Pixar’s Inside Out.