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There have been many misconceptions about Switzerland when it comes up as an idea for a vacation destination. Switzerland is usually thought of as a winter destination since the Alps and many mountainous regions are throughout. More so, it is known for high end watches, famous knives, deluxe chocolate and top notch resorts and spas. However, this small country has more than winter sports and an expensive culture to offer for all types of travelers.

Imagine walking on cobblestone that is hundreds of years old. Listen to the clip clop of feet. Smell the fresh crisp, clean mountain air. Walking through a small lakeside town, cafes and shops line the street. As the Alps lay as the backdrop for the scene that is Switzerland there does not seem to be a more perfect place to visit than Switzerland.

Switzerland has an assortment of traditions since it can be viewed as a small melting pot of cultures. Numerous languages and an array of people from all over make up this small country. Learning about the Swiss from the people can be an exciting and new way to learn more about the country.

Before heading to the great outdoors, some of the old and classic cities have plenty to hold. Geneva and Zurich have multiple experiences for everyone such as parks, museums, churches, top rated gourmet restaurants and other architectural buildings. Even if the larger cities do not hold appeal, the small villages and towns in the country are small and quaint and perfect for a quieter and more intimate feel.

Switzerland has some of the most diverse outdoor fun. Winter sports can continue all the way into April. The giant and picturesque scenery of the lakes have plenty offerings for all types of aquatic sports and even relaxation by the water. There are plenty of options for adventure and can be everything from high adrenaline to a fun calming activity.

No matter which type of traveler is heading to Switzerland, there are choices for everyone to the mountain climber to the spa enthusiast to the history buff. Heading to Switzerland in the spring offers more to do and things to see in one of the oldest and beautiful countries in Europe. Spring time in Switzerland will be a trip of a lifetime for anyone.