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Check out these must-visit attractions and things to do in Germany. Travelers know that some sights just cannot be missed, so make an effort to see as many as possible. Gute Reise, have a good trip!

Tour the site of the 1972 Olympic Games in Berlin. Hike the hill for a view of the whole city or go up on the roof of the Olympic Tower, the city’s highest building, which is over 700,000 feet. Go on an adventure tour or sightsee. In addition to Olympic attractions, Sea Life, an aquarium, and the BWM Museum are close by; a day can be filled just by wandering around this area.

Lake Constance
Experience Germany’s largest freshwater lake. It is best enjoyed in the summer, when many come to vacation. Visit castles, museums and gardens, or watch the world go by from a café. Go from shopping to gazing at buildings to picnicking by the lake in the same day.

If you find yourself in Munich from Sept. 22 to Oct.7, then head to Oktoberfest. Drink some beer, sing some songs and nosh on giant pretzels. With over 30 beer tents at the event, what could be better? Grab some lederhosen or a dirndl and get chugging. Make sure to alternate your drinks with water!

Neuschwanstein Castle
This magnificent castle is located near Füssen. View it from afar or take a bus up the hill for a closer look. If it looks like a palace fit for a princess, it is. Walt Disney used it as inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom.

Berchtesgaden National Park
Travelers who love to do anything outdoors will love Berchtesgaden National Park. Wander through the trails and marvel at the lakes, rocks, forests, grass and villages. Go for a hike or cycle through this natural paradise for a break from touristy attractions.

The Food
Schnitzel, bratwurst, pretzels, currywurst and Black Forest cake are all classic German dishes. Travelers to Germany know that they must try these and other eats at least once during their trip. Taste rouladen, which typically includes onions, mustard, pickles and bacon cooked in beef, or a Berliner, sweet, fried dough with a jam filling and sugar topping. Food is rich and filling, satisfying enough to power visitors through their stay.